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Silver Repairs And Silver Plating

Silver Repairs and Silver Plating

Silver Repairs and Silver Plating

Silver Repairs London, Silver Plating Hatton Garden London Restoring Silver

London Silver Repair, Hatton Garden. Silver Restoration

If there is damage to a piece of silver or silver plate, it is imperative that an experienced, specialist silversmith initiates any silver repair and silver restoration work. If you have a piece of antique silver in need of restoration or repair, we can advise the best way to have it repaired while maintaining the item's value.
We have a professional Silver jewellery workshop repair facility for Silver repair, London Silversmiths repairing Silver pieces restoration.
In Hatton Garden, London, our Silversmiths provide expert silver repair, Silver cutlery repair and Silver replating service for old and antique silver pieces which need extra care and attention to bring them back to their original lustre and value. Expert restoration using traditional silversmith skills and tools.
All silverware repairs are undertaken by time-served Silversmith craftsmen. We give your valued items the care and attention they deserve.
We undertake a wide range of refurbishments from highly valuable antique silver, Old Sheffield Plate, EPNS and modern silver plate items.
We clean, polish and restore antique Silver items or damaged pieces. Solder repair, Silver laser repair. Silver soldering London.
We repair and re-plate silver cups. Repair & restoration service for damaged and broken silver and silver-plated cups.
We revitalise and restore the lustre and brilliance of each Silver piece that we receive, in order to ensure that each piece has its original charm preserved.
It could be a tarnished vintage tea set a damaged silver tray or a treasured heirloom
Repair to silver clocks and silver watches, Silver frames repairs, cutlery polishing and silver jewellery cleaning and polishing.

Silver Trophy Restoration, Repairs & Plating - Click here

As specialists, we can address various issues such as Trophy dents, scratches and tarnishing in order to ensure that your trophy is restored the best possible. to its original condition.

Antique & Vintage Trophy Repair for damage. Repairing Silver Trophies & Sports Trophies
Polishing trophies, polishing sports trophies, plating and polishing sports cups for presentation.
Our specialist trophy repairs for damaged or broken silver- and silver-plated cups and trophies. Welding, re-plating, polishing, engraving removal and re-engraving. To restore the trophy cup to its former glory. So if your silver plated cup is looking marked & weathered with Dings scratches or missing a handle or parts are missing, we can bring it back to life.

Silver plating and antique silver repair and restoration of Silver hollowware.

Specialist Silver Tankard Repair too.
Repair to Vintage and Antique Tankards

5 Silver Tankards
Repairs to Silver flasks, hip flasks,( especially repairing leaks), Silver cutlery, Silver cups, Silver bowls, Silver vases and flatware such as Silver trays.
Silver plates and Silver dishes repairs. Replating silver jewellery. Re-plating silver rings. Dent removals from tankards, cigarette cases, and bowls.
Repairs to teapots. Removing teapot dents, re-attaching teapot handles and teapot repolishing and plating
Monogram & engraving removals. Flooding to remove engravings. Goblet stem repair

6 silver candlestick
Repair to Silver candlesticks and Candelabra.
Repairing a silver candlestick can be a delicate process, especially if it is an antique or has sentimental value.
In London, we are specialists who can help with such repairs.
We have comprehensive repair service and offer expert silver repair and replating services for antique candle sticks and candelabra.
Restoring broken, dented & damaged candlesticks & repairing candelabra to their original condition.
Corroded silver – machine buffing and electro-silver plating. Antique silver restoration – including Religious and military silver.
Repairs to Broken dented or cracked Silver pieces. Silver forming, soldering and finishing.
Restoring Modern silver-plated items where the plating has worn away.

Knife Blade replacement
We can replace a knife blade attached to vintage knives and cutlery.
This process involves replacing the old, dull blade and replacing it with a new, sharp blade
Different knives have varying mechanisms for blade replacement, and not all knives are designed to have their blades replaced. Some knives are single-piece construction, where the blade and handle are permanently connected.

Baby Cup Repair, Broken Handle Repair, Carving Set Repair Restoration, Repair to Coffee-pot and Teapot Repair, Dresser Sets, Fire Damage to Sterling & Silver-plate, Flatware Repair, Flower Vase Repair, Hinge Repair, Knife Resetting and Knife Blade Replacement, Judaica Repair & Restoration, Menorah Repair, Removing Dents, Sterling Silver Jewellery Repair Silver-plate Repair, Restoration of Silver Picture Frames. Silver box repair.

We silver plate 9-carat, 14-carat and 18-carat gold rings and jewellery.
We silver plate onto matt surfaces and bright surfaces and apply various finishes, i.e. new or antique finish. Oxidised finish.
The normal micron thickness that we apply is between 2.5 microns to 7 microns, depending on the item and its intended use.
Silver plating of 7 microns or more is often used for the long-term durability of high-wear pieces. Silver plating up to 15 microns in thickness.
Silver plating for rings, fashion jewellery, costume jewellery, Bracelets, cufflinks, Crowns, tiaras, Religious items Smartphones, console covers, Trophies and Luxury items.
Our specially developed silver plating solutions are tarnish-resistant, hard-wearing and extremely durable.
Our services include a quality silver plating and polishing service to professional standards.
Special Silver Commissions.

We provide contemporary silversmiths with all our silver finishing services.
Other services include carefully polishing and expertly repairing silver flatware and holloware
Whether you have Silver that is scratched or silver that is tarnished, we can offer polishing services to help beautify the look.
So, you do not have to do any of the polishing on your own. Please bring the item to us and let us show you why so many people trust us with their Silverware restoration.

We have a new addition to our Silversmithing Team and Silver repair workshop.
He is an award-winning silversmith. An experienced silversmith who has a passion for restoring vintage pieces of silver and creating bespoke commissions for modern and classical silverware ranging from large sets of silverware to delicately made fine Silver jewellery pieces.

Silver Plating History
1743 - Thomas Boulsover of Sheffield's Cutlers Company, while trying to repair the handle of a customer's decorative knife, he heated it too much and the silver started to melt. When he examined the damaged handle, he noticed that the silver and copper had fused together very strongly. Experiments showed that the two metals behaved as one when he tried to reshape them, even though he could clearly see two different layers. of Sheffield. So he accidentally discovered a method of plating copper with silver by fusing them together using heat, this is known as Old Sheffield Plate. 
1840 - John Wright of Birmingham discovered a process for plating a base metal with silver by a method of electrolysis when he experimented with electricity in his spare time. After reading an article by Carl Wilhelm Scheele on the behaviour of the cyanides of gold and silver in a solution of potassium cyanide, he devised an experiment to test such a solution as an electrolyte. The results were promising with a good coating of gold or silver being achievable. He contacted the plating firm of Elkingtons who paid him £300 for the patent rights and the procedure plus a further £500 when the patent (British Patent 8447) was approved in 1840. The process became widely used in preference to the dangerous techniques previously used and Wright benefited from a steady royalty income.

Our on-site Hatton Garden walk-in Silver Plating Repair workshop opening times:
Our in-house silver repair workshop for silver plating and restoration is open by appointment only, Monday to Friday.
We are closed at Weekends and Bank Holidays.
T: 020 7405 1536
+44 20 7405 1536

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